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The Bourne Supremacy
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The Fountainhead

The Fountainhead - Leonard Peikoff, Ayn Rand This is the second time I'm reading this book (I'm sure author has much more more for the third time too!), before writing my views about the book, reason being, the first time I felt too short of words to truly define the magnificence of the characters, and to do a justice with the deep rooted philosophy of the book. At every moment it challenges one's creative thinking to match with the picturesque landscapes, and ultra architectures, defined by Rand. However, the philosophical stanzas are deep and hard to sink in. I think, after reading this book, I understood the meaning of love, dreams, honesty, care, work, freedom, novelty, in wider perspective now.

The book is divided into four parts and hence four strong characters, who go on to weave the story around them. But I think the book still had the scope for one more strong character (or I think is the strongest!) is Dominique Francon. I loved her persona. She has the massiveness to confront her father openly in a newspaper article, in front of countless eyes who read the paper daily. She has the audacity to love Howard Roark, the stubborn (that's what he would be called, if he really exists out of the story ever!). She stood by Roark when the tide was high, and carried out the unexpected, by marrying the unexpected.

The core is one single message - love what you do, do it honestly, and do not compromise on the originality of your work.