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The Bourne Supremacy
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Only Time Will Tell (The Clifton Chronicles)

Only Time Will Tell - Jeffrey Archer Only Time will Tell, happens to be my first Jeffery Archer, and is a nice read. The first 50 pages, couldn't hook me long, but as suggested by a veteran friend, I dragged it to 100 pages, and found it really gluing afterwards. I also liked author's unique style, of dedicating one section to one character in the book, and thus connecting the scattered dots to all his relationships.

The story revolves around Harry Clifton, Maisie Clifton, Old Jack, Hugo Barrington, Marry and Emma Barrigton.

Most inspiring character:
The character Maisie Clifton is a statue of sacrifices. Whole life, she is putting off her living, to get best life for her son, making sure he gets apt books, clothes, food, etc to get into a fine school, and comes up as a scholar student of Oxford, London.

Best quotes:
“Some people standby you in your darkest hour while others walk away; only a select few march towards you and become even closer friends.”

“If you make a deal with a fool, don't be surprised when they act foolishly.”