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The Bourne Supremacy
Robert Ludlum
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The Departed

The Departed - Shiloh Walker I always dreaded from the PNRs, thinking that they lack in the truth part. But most of my friends are huge PNR buffs, so I decided to pick one too. Now this being the first in its category for me, I think I had nothing to compare against and had high expectations at the same time.

Author Shiloh Walker used his pen-tool in generating an interesting plot. He has woven the story around two FBI agents, Taylor and Dez, one of whom is able to talk to the departed souls. While they together solve the mysterious murders and try to bring justice to the innocents, Taylor comes face to face with his own haunted memories from past 25 years.

The story is a bit-of-everything. It has some part of sex, drama, love, separation, reunion, suspense, etc. to make you connected to the cast.

A fast paced read with easy to follow events!