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The Bourne Supremacy
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Yuganta - End of an Epoch

Yuganta: The End of an Epoch - Irawati Karve I picked this book up as small, easy, light read, to revive the little Indian mythology, I know through the TV episodes of Mahabharata. I was also longing to find out how can someone epitomise a cult of hundreds of page into a small book.

The hand picked characters are intrigued thoroghly in the light of modern, scientific thinking, not expecting them to be any magical characters. For example, calculation of Bhisham's age, at the time of the great war is unmatched. But I still missed the portrait of few more persons like Shakuni. How can he live his entire life at his sister's home, while till today in tribal India they don't accept anything, even a glass of water from the married daughter's home.

Yet the simplistic description of the various clans, and the Kshatriyan conducts, are extraoridarily simple for the modern group.

The concluding chapter is a well collection of whole era, which directs me to read more about Indian mythology to Indian history.