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The Bourne Supremacy
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Tell A Thousand Lies

Tell a Thousand Lies - Rasana Atreya I had not yet come across a book of really high standards from a naive author. I congratulate Rasana to have come up with a story so touching, yet imaginative plot.

The story of the book rests in rural India where a girl child is said to be burdensome. Things become even harder when the family has no steady income, and no male to support them. Adversity brightens when they become a toy of orthotics, superstitions and, filthy politics. While the dark sky has tinkling stars, the family has the true supporter in their dark times.

The book is well classified into small, quick-read chapters. The language is simple. Although names, and few sentences are in Tamil (i guess!), still reader doesn't find any lacunae in the story. If asked, I would like to classify my review as -- Story - 3.5/5, Linguistics - 4.5/5, Reader's gripping - 4/5.

Looking forward to more work from Rasana Atreya.