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The deep in desire to read all the books of the world... but afraid I'd be left with only a few seconds per book, if reading is the only thing I do my entire life, skipping meals, sleep, and other biological calls... phew!

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The Bourne Supremacy
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The Bourne Supremacy
Robert Ludlum
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Oroonoko (Penguin Classics)

Oroonoko - Aphra Behn, Janet Todd This is the types of books, which I love the most - the one with quick-story, packed-action!

There are a few books, which anchor you from the first line itself. Oroonoko comes into that category - the novel starts at description of the usefulness of 18th century slaves, defining the process of acquiring one by the royal clans. It is the story of a prince, who finds loves slaves, eventually becoming a slave himself. But that also ends in tragic scenes.

The book is a true classic, with english sentences stretching from 3-5-7 lines continuously.