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The Bourne Supremacy
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Auschwitz: a Doctor's Eyewitness Account

Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account - Miklós Nyiszli, Tibère Kremer, Bruno Bettleheim, Richard Seaver This one should be the longest and most difficult read for me, yet the simplest fact that it is a true story makes it the best read of mine so far of the year. Even after finishing it gave me shivers almost the whole night, and i kept on asking myself:

0 was life so cheap for third reich to throw any human, away like a dead corpse in a pyre?
0 how difficult it must had been to live than to die in third reich?
0 even those who were still alive in those concentration camps, how were they ever able to get themselves some sleep in there or after the liberation?
0 where the KZ commando and generals themselves a hard heart or they were masterfully mind washed to be able to run such ghettos and concentration camps?
0 isn't it easier to die than to agree to bring about such atrocities to other breathing soul?
0 were those men - who were killing people to run autopsies than to do autopsy on dead to progress their science - a creation of God or devil?
0 was there ever some kind of reward or cmpetition to discover of such merciful and inhuman ways of mass-distruction?

Nobody can give me answer to these questions than those who made Miklos Nyisli write his life history.