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The Bourne Supremacy
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The Bourne Supremacy
Robert Ludlum
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Navarasa by Lotus

Navarasa by Lotus - Rajiv Navarasa by Lotus is the debutant book of a budding author - Rajiv. It is a collection of 9 short stories all plotted into different spheres yet have some interlinked neurons. As the name goes, the stories are based on Nav Rasas i.e. various 9 emotions of human nature - Love, hatred, humor, peace, anger, fury, horror, compassion, and peace. Thus I'm sure the choice of emotion, and a related story must have been a task for the author. The stories have simplistic language with varied subjects.

Of all the nine tales, Office, and NH, top my chart, for the wide imaginative power of the writer to create a perfect, smoke free, disease free, contamination free world, by incinerating the present earth is audacious. However, among all the scif-fi and robotics, the story carries a modest message of Love is perfect in itself; don’t try to manipulate, what you love!