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The Bourne Supremacy
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Siya Seth Decides to Die

Siya Seth Decides to Die - Sneha Mehta While I have read quite a few novels of debutant authors, I noticed that a debutant author would always try to write a happy formula story. Stories where things might not be hunky dory initially, but eventually come back in order, making the protagonist happy by the end. But despite the fact that Siya Seth Decides to Die is the first novel by Sneha Mehta, she has chosen to break the rules of happy ending, and painted love and intimacy in darker hues.

This book picks up the most difficult discussions enforced in our society, which no one wants to confront at, at will - the matter of woman security. We protect and teach our children to spot and part from an ugly look. We tell them to run back home whenever they think the world is not safe. But a kid has nowhere to run to, if even the home is not safer any more.

Siya Seth belongs of a rich family. She has seen the wealthiest times, and has access to all modern amenities even as a kid. By the passage of time she became a rebellious, and started throwing her tantrum at every one passing along. Though she had a best friend Reva, with whom she shared every tit-bit of her life, but once when she could not confine in her too, and which forces her to ditch her life, makes this story strongest.