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The Bourne Supremacy
Robert Ludlum
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Almost Single

Almost Single - Advaita Kala This book is a complete hilarious with loads of fun factor. I found myself continuously giggling, every time I picked it up - in metro, bus, home, - or put it down - while working, talking, bathing, eating, and all! The book is complete fiction (as the author says in an interview) still closest to Delhi's uppar-middle class life style. The best parts are the emotional and societal events in a 29 year old single, surviving alone, pressured with a high profile, higher expectant job title, with a few traces of thoughts asking her to quit her job, yet carrying on with it.

The book makes you believe in real life, that there will never be a perfect day, time, situation, people, and the situations that happen with everyone, and teaches you to take life easy.

My penultimate recommendation for every girl, who is/was a single ever.